John Larroquette Helps Raise $200,000 for Community Addiction Treatment Services

Denver, CO -- On September 28, Arapahoe House, Colorado’s leading nonprofit provider of substance abuse treatment welcomed John Larroquette to downtown Denver for their annual fundraising luncheon. Larroquette delivered an insightful, candid, and humorous keynote address to nearly 500 attendees at the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The luncheon raised $200,000 in gross revenue through sponsorships, ticket sales and day-of donations during the event.  All proceeds from the event will directly benefit Arapahoe House’s life-changing addiction treatment programs.


Sober now 30 years from drugs and alcohol, Larroquette reflected on his journey, “Places like Arapahoe House didn’t exist when I got sober a long time ago. I got sober on my father’s birthday, I didn’t know him, but he died of this disease. Coincidences like that told me that maybe I am doing the right thing.” 


Five-time Emmy, Tony award-winning actor John Larroquette (Night Court, The John Larroquette Show) was a prolific drinker and drug user for most of his early life; he got sober in 1982. He has since been sharing his story so that others suffering from the same disease might realize there is a way out of the bottle and into life.


“John Belushi died three months after I got sober,” said Larroquette during his keynote. “I’ve often said that I would be playing handball with John Belushi if I hadn’t gotten sober.”


Larroquette had a brief stint living in Grand Lake, Colorado for a year in 1968 to pursue an LSD habit and work as a bartender. “I’m from New Orleans where the tallest thing is the bread truck, to wake up in Grand Lake and see mountains was unreal.”


“One night, it became evident that I had to stop drinking or I was doing to die,” continued  Larroquette. “I don’t say this dramatically, but you get to a point and you can’t do it anymore. You drown or you crawl out of the water as slowly as you are able.”


“The fact that attendees donated more than $31,000 to Arapahoe House during the event today speaks to the community’s commitment to this cause,” said Arapahoe House board president Mike Butler.


The 3nd Annual Arapahoe House Luncheon with John Larroquette was presented by The Anschutz Foundation. Other major event sponsorship included support from The Galena Foundation, FirstBank, James and Kathy Crapo, and Wells Fargo along with Triple B, Greg and Karen Gulley, NexGen Resources Corporation, Heritage Wine and Liquors, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, and MDC Holdings, Inc.


About Arapahoe House: Arapahoe House provides substance abuse treatment to vulnerable individuals and families in metro Denver.  Since 1975, Arapahoe House has been empowering members of our community to find help, hope and healing from drugs and alcohol.  Today, we help more than 15,000 members of our community every year.