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At Arapahoe House, marijuana is the third most common drug of choice among patients. Many more patients use marijuana as a secondary or tertiary drug, to augment their primary drug use. The number of Arapahoe House patients reporting a problem with marijuana - as a secondary or tertiary drug of use- has increased 28 and 76 percent respectively since recreational legalization. This is a substantial increase.

Beyond admissions numbers, Arapahoe House clinicians are seeing more severe reactions due to potency. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content has risen approximately 30 percent in Colorado's recreational and medicinal marijuana in recent years. This increase in potency increases the risk of toxic reactions, like psychosis. Since recreational legalization of marijuana, metro Denver emergency department visits involving marijuana increased by 98 percent and calls to poison control involving marijuana increased 120 percent.

In this issue of News of Substance, you'll learn about marijuana use among teens, one patient's journey from marijuana to methamphetamine to employment at Arapahoe House, and how you can respond if a loved one is misusing marijuana.

Success Story: Breaking out of marijuana's box
Any mind-altering substance really affects the way you develop. For me, marijuana and other substances hindered my ability to see outside the box; they limited my perspective of the world. Fear became my dominant emotion, expressed through anger and deceit. That combination made me volatile.

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Marijuana, common denominator for teens
"Marijuana is the common denominator among our adolescent patients," explains Ron Arner, LAC, LPC, clinical supervisor at Arapahoe House. He continues, "Some kids smoke cigarettes, others drink. Nearly all adolescents with high acuity substance use disorder uses marijuana."

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Are you concerned about your loved one's marijuana use?
Marijuana use can become a long-term habit or develop into the use of stronger drugs, depending on genetic and social factors. As marijuana use becomes increasingly common in mainstream society, it is important to know what characterizes addiction to marijuana.

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