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The Silver Bullet for My Alcoholism: Vivitrol

I had every advantage growing up in Colorado. I came from a good family, attended private schools and went to culinary school to become a chef. My alcoholism cost me everything. I lost jobs, houses, cars and much more important things like my dignity and custody of my young daughter. I've been homeless, on life support and in detox more times than I can count. Click here for more


A Medication that Helps with Drug and Alcohol Cravings

Arapahoe House is a leader in providing Vivitrol, a newer treatment option in the fight against alcohol, heroin and prescription pain pill addiction. It is the only once-monthly, non-addictive medication approved by the FDA to help with cravings and prevent relapse. Click here to learn


Denver Bronco Rod Smith to Deliver Keynote at Annual Luncheon September 15

Rod Smith is an American football legend. He played his entire 14-year career with the Denver Broncos and his first NFL catch was a last minute 43-yard touchdown from John Elway. Smith is no stranger to addiction; his father was a violent alcoholic. Against all obstacles, he climbed out of the projects of Texarkana, Arkansas and earned a full scholarship to college. Click here for details


A New Vision for Arapahoe House

When I was appointed president and CEO of Arapahoe House in February, I wasn't new to the organization; I had been a board member for eight years. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, I knew we were operating in a complex, challenging healthcare environment and understood what we needed to do from a financial and operations perspective to succeed. Click here for more


Check out the Latest Arapahoe House Events

From Governor Hickenlooper signing Senate Bill 202 into law at Arapahoe House Thornton Center to our 16th Annual Teeing off for Arapahoe House golf tournament, Ruston Award, Community Partner Luncheon and Biz Bash. Click here to learn




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