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Does aspirin work to pass a drug test?

Aspirin urine drug test is widely known. Aspirin is a kind of drug that is considered a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It contains a compound called salicylate that is also found in plants like in myrtle or willow tree.

Aspirin is usually used for being relieved from fever and pain. It’s usually taken when you have a headache.

Asteroids are not steroids, but they could have unwanted side effects. It’s also considered to be non-narcotic. If you’re wondering, “does methocarbamol have aspirin in it?”. The answer here is yes. This product is a kind of aspirin.  Company Bayer owns aspirin. Acetylsalicylic acid is its generic term.

Harmful Side effects or health risks:

  • Seizure, hallucinations, confusion, ringing in your ears
  • Vomiting or stomach pain, severe nausea
  • Fever that lasts for more than three days
  • Swelling
  • Bloody stool
  • Coughing up blood or vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache

When under a doctor’s supervision, those who are pregnant or are breastfeeding can only take low-dose aspirin. Physicians don’t usually recommend high-dose aspirin during pregnancy.

If anyone who’s allergic to aspirin or ibuprofen, taking this should be avoided. Furthermore, doctors do not use aspirin when someone has a stroke because it’s not time for blood clots to cause strokes. There are cases that aspirin can even make stroke worse.

If someone is also drinking alcohol or undergoing surgical or dental treatment, it’s best to ask the doctor before taking the pill.

How does aspirin work for a drug test?

Different myths and research are backing up if aspirin could help pass a drug test. A research paper in the National Library of Medicine, says there that there’s proof that aspirin in the urine can create false-negative drug screening results.

Methods to use aspirin in Drug Tests that are widely known to be used in Marijuana and Weed users

Method A

  1. Have 2 325 mg tablets of aspirin for at least 6 hours before the drug test.
  2. Take another 2 325 mg tablets of Aspirin 2 hours before the test and then drinks lots of water
  3. Urinate a lot before the drug test is required

Method B

  1. On the day of the drug test, consume at least a litre of water over 2 hours.
  2. Take 4 325 mg tables of aspirin at least 6 hours before the test.
  3. Make sure that you consider if you have pre-existing conditions and spread out your intake. You can also try to dilute the tablets in the water and drink it like that.
  4. During collecting of urine sample, take it during midstream.

Whatever approach you choose, always be cautious and responsible. When you feel other effects, contact medical assistance.

Pros and Cons

Questions like, “does aspirin show up on a drug test?” can still linger in your head. When you use aspirin, it has a probability to be present in the sample.

To give more information, here are some pros and cons:


  • Cheap
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can serve as a rapid preparation for a urinary drug test
  • It is safe if you follow the instructions correctly.
  • Can be effective for an average, old-style EMIT urine during a drug test.

  • Bleeding could be a side effect.
  • Not for everyone, especially those who have pre-existing conditions.
  • It requires consuming substantial quantities of water.
  • Limited usage for a urine drug test but can help to pass hair follicle test
  • Can be detected in the sample

Review from Social Media

This is from Reddit.

aspirin urine drug test

Using aspirin for urine drug testing is possible. However, results can not always be guaranteed.  Remember to check your health first before taking it and be aware of symptoms that could negatively affect you.

Toxicity From the Use of Aspirin to Beat Urine Drug Screening
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