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Professional Case Management Denver CO

Professional Case Management Denver CO


Arapahoe House knows that the recovery process goes beyond the therapy and alcohol and drug counseling that happens in our facilities. Individuals who come to us for services typically report having family, education, employment, and other issues that need to be addressed in order to support their ongoing recovery.


Arapahoe House is proud to offer case management services. Our case managers know the realities and obstacles our patients face. Based on individual needs, case managers coordinate services for patients in areas such as: basic needs, housing, transportation, child care, health care, mental health care, education, and employment. Case managers also advocate for individuals in systems such as child welfare or the judicial system.


Our case managers are engaged in our patient’s lives and provide extra support beyond treatment services taking place in a withdrawal management, outpatient or residential settings. These boots on the ground staff do everything in their power to keep patients successfully engaged in treatment.


Case management at Arapahoe House is currently offered to:

  • Adolescents in residential treatment programs
  • Adults over utilizing detoxification services
  • Adults and their families enrolled in Arapahoe House housing programs
  • Adults participating in family treatment court, wellness court, or drug court 
  • Adults involved in criminal justice system treatment programs
  • Women (specific patient populations are eligible)


For referral or admission to any of our programs, please contact patient access: 303.657.3700 or [email protected]. Phone lines are open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Protection Status
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