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Addiction Treatment Denver at Arapahoe House

Addiction Treatment Denver at Arapahoe HouseArapahoe House provides addiction treatment in metro Denver, Colorado to vulnerable individuals and families. Since 1975, Arapahoe House has been empowering members of our community to find help, hope and healing from drugs and alcohol. Today, we help more than 15,000 members of our community every year. 
Please click on the links below to explore facts and frequently asked questions about our programs:
Outpatient – Day treatment and individual, couples, family, or group therapy sessions scheduled as needed at one of our clinics.
DUI/DUID – Education and therapy for those who have received one or more drug or alcohol-related driving citations.
Residential – Inpatient/24 hour treatment.
Privacy notice – Your Information. Your Rights. Our Responsibilities. Protection Status
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