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A Guide to Colorado Treatment Services for Your Loved One

Colorado Treatment Services at Arapahoe House

Addiction is a on-going, changing disease that not only impacts the person with the disease, but their friends and family as well. Seeking treatment is a courageous act, for both you and your loved one. Arapahoe House provides a variety of accessible, affordable, and effective treatment services for individuals and families with alcohol, drug and other behavioral (mental) health disorders.


How to approach your loved one:
Approaching your loved one about their alcohol or drug use isnʼt easy. The thought of having the conversation may fill you with fear and anxiety. However, the earlier someone is approached about their substance use, the better. Approaching your loved one in a positive manner rather than a judgmental way is very important. Tell them you have their best interests in mind and come from a supportive and helpful place. Give them examples of what you are seeing and how their drug or alcohol use is affecting you. Remember, once alcohol or drug use goes from casual use to abuse or dependence, the substance can become as powerful as one’s need for food and water. Oftentimes, the individual suffering from the disease is unaware of how bad it has gotten.


What can I do if my loved one doesnʼt listen?
Gather family and friends together and approach your loved one as a supportive group (also known as an intervention). Coming from a caring, non confrontational, supportive place is key. Outline what each person will say before you talk with your loved one. Because this process may be overwhelming and scary, Arapahoe House can refer you to an intervention specialist if you would like a professional to help you.


Can I make my loved one go to Colorado treatment services?
There is a way to force your loved one into treatment through an involuntary commitment process. This process is usually used for people who are a danger to the health and safety of themselves or someone else. This is a legal process which typically involves a hearing in county court. Please contact the Arapahoe House call center for more information.


Arapahoe House is here when you need us:
Sometimes the first call for help can be the hardest step.The Arapahoe House call center is available Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Feel free to call us about anything from questions about treatment, to learning about the services we have available, or to get your loved one enrolled in treatment.

Your loved one will need to agree to treatment and be able to speak with us over the phone or meet with us for an assessment in person. For most Arapahoe House services, admission can be immediate; however, wait times are possible. Your loved one will need to be assessed by an Arapahoe House counselor to determine the level of care that will be best for them.


Available Arapahoe House services:
With 11 locations and more than 20 different services, Arapahoe House is Coloradoʼs leading nonprofit provider of quality, affordable drug and alcohol treatment.

RESIDENTIAL – Comprehensive, 24 hour inpatient care at one of four metro Denver facilities. These services are designed for those patients with severe substance use disorders whose treatment in a less restrictive setting would be unlikely to result in changes in behavior needed to stay off of alcohol and drugs. The focus of this 24/7 care is on stabilization and preparation for ongoing treatment in a lower level of care, such as outpatient services. Specialized programs include: adult, adolescents, pregnant and postpartum women, women with dependent children, offenders, and transitional services.

OUTPATIENT – Arapahoe House offers a variety of outpatient services that range in intensity and frequency depending on the needs of the patient. Compared to inpatient/residential treatment, patients who are assessed as needing a level of outpatient or intensive outpatient care are able to live at home and may continue work or school. Services include assessment and referral, as well as individual, group, and family therapy.

DUI – Arapahoe House offers DUI education and therapy in English, Spanish and American Sign Language for drug or alcohol related driving citations.

All Arapahoe House programs are licensed by the Colorado Offiice of Behavioral Health and/or the Colorado Department of Human Services


Family services available to you:
Arapahoe House offers individual family therapy, multi family group therapy and educational services designed to help the people closest to the patient. Understanding their disease, increasing communication and planning for the patientʼs move back home are common focuses of these services. Staff can assist you in learning about family services across the organization. Protection Status
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