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XStream Urine 3oz Synthetic Fluid for Diverse Applications

Introduction to XSTREAM URINE 3OZ

Get ready to take your water sports experience to the next level with XStream Fetish Urine! As highlighted in the Smokefree Class guide on synthetic urine, this lab-formulated golden nectar closely resembles real urine, making it a favorite in laboratories for testing equipment calibration. Its advanced formula is safe, clean, and even used by urinalysis testing centers to ensure accurate readings.

Product Description

XStream Fetish Urine is a specially formulated three-ounce pre-mixed fetish urine designed for both male and female usage. Made in a lab, it mimics the natural ingredients in human urine and is toxin-free, balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, protein, and more. Unlike natural urine, it’s 100% Biocide FREE, making it a safer option for intimate activities.

Persuasive Details

XStream Fetish Urine is not just a novelty; it’s a lifelike fetish urine for safe and toxin-free wet experiences. It’s carefully balanced for specific gravity and pH, creating a realistic simulation. The product includes a temperature strip, hand warmer, and rubber band for optimal performance, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Manufacturer’s Credibility

Manufactured by 513 Ventures, XStream Fetish Urine boasts credibility and reputation. Used by laboratories and universities for equipment calibration, it reflects the commitment to quality. The product’s 100% Biocide FREE composition ensures safety, and discreet shipping adds an extra layer of privacy for customers.

List of Ingredients

XStream Fetish Urine is carefully crafted with a unique blend of ingredients that replicate those found in natural human urine. The 3OZ formula includes creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, proteins, and various other characteristics to achieve an authentic composition.

Each ingredient in XStream serves a specific role in mimicking the characteristics of real urine. Creatinine, uric acid, and urea contribute to the chemical composition, while amino acids and proteins help achieve the right balance. These components work together to make XStream Fetish Urine virtually indistinguishable from natural urine, providing a lifelike experience.

XStream’s formula is not just a mix; it’s an advanced formulation designed for accuracy and authenticity. Laboratories use it as a control sample for testing and calibrating urinalysis equipment due to its close resemblance to real urine. The balanced pH, specific gravity, and meticulous ingredient selection make XStream the most lifelike fetish urine on the market, ensuring a safe and realistic experience.


Unlocking the full potential of XStream Fetish Urine is a breeze with our step-by-step guide. Follow these simple instructions to ensure a satisfying and worry-free experience.

  1. Remove the foil seal from the 3oz bottle and discard it.
  2. Microwave the XStream Fetish Urine for about 10 seconds to achieve a temperature between 94-100 degrees F.
  3. Open the top of the container and shake the contents after microwaving to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the bottle.
  4. If the desired temperature is not reached, repeat the process or adjust accordingly.
  5. Once at the right temperature, place the hand warmer on the bottle to keep the urine warm for about six hours.
  6. Ensure the contents are thoroughly shaken before use.
  7. Pop the top of the cap and pour when ready.

For optimal results and a seamless experience, adhere to the following dos and don’ts:

  • Do ensure the urine is at body temperature before use for a realistic experience.
  • Don’t overheat the bottle; follow the recommended microwaving time to prevent damage.
  • Do shake the contents thoroughly to maintain an even temperature throughout.
  • Don’t reuse the product; XStream Fetish Urine is designed for single use only.
  • Do follow the provided instructions to use the hand warmer for extended warmth.

Make your experience even smoother with these additional tips:

  • For pranks and jokes, use XStream Fetish Urine with confidence, knowing it’s laboratory-made for a safe and healthy alternative.
  • Experiment with the product in a controlled environment to explore its various purposes, such as fetish novelty or urine therapy.
  • Keep in mind that XStream is discreetly shipped, ensuring your privacy throughout the ordering process.

Compilation of Customer Feedback on XSTREAM URINE 3OZ

Discover what users are saying about XStream Fetish Urine. Their experiences provide valuable insights for those considering this product.

Users have reported several positive aspects of XStream Fetish Urine:

  • Accurate Simulation: XStream’s advanced formula creates a urine replica that is chemically identical to real urine, providing a lifelike experience.
  • Safe and Clean: The laboratory-made fetish urine is 100% Biocide FREE, ensuring it’s safer and cleaner than natural urine, reducing the risk of transmitting diseases.
  • Convenient Premix: XStream comes premixed and ready to use, eliminating the hassle of preparing your own sample from dehydrated powder.
  • Effective in Various Settings: Used by urinalysis testing centers for equipment calibration and embraced by the fetish community for safe wet sex simulation.

While XStream Fetish Urine has received positive feedback, some users have mentioned certain criticisms or drawbacks:

  • Single-Use Limitation: XStream is designed for single use only, and attempts to reheat and cool the product may lead to bacterial growth.
  • Temperature Strip Concerns: Some users experienced issues with the temperature strip not reading after overheating, requiring cooling before accurate readings.
  • Not Suitable for Prolonged Storage: Users are advised to discard the product if not used within a few weeks, as it lacks preservatives for long-term storage.

Prospective buyers should weigh the positive aspects against the mentioned drawbacks. XStream Fetish Urine offers a unique and safe experience, but adherence to usage guidelines is crucial for optimal results. Ensure proper handling, follow instructions, and consider individual preferences when deciding if this product suits your needs.

Summing Up

Let’s recap the key points about XStream Fetish Urine, highlighting both its benefits and potential drawbacks.

XStream Fetish Urine offers a unique experience with benefits such as accurate simulation, safety, and convenience. Its laboratory-made formula mimics real urine without harmful bacteria or toxins. However, it has limitations, including single-use constraints and sensitivity to overheating. Users must adhere to guidelines to ensure optimal results.

Considering the overall assessment, potential buyers are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons carefully. XStream Fetish Urine provides a safe and lifelike experience, but proper usage is crucial. If used responsibly, it can fulfill its intended purposes. However, caution is advised regarding overheating and the single-use limitation. Make an informed decision based on individual preferences and needs.
XStream Urine 3oz Synthetic Fluid for Diverse Applications

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