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Residential Treatment Centers Colorado

Residential treatment centers in Colorado for people in need.Arapahoe House offers 24‑hour care for individuals with severe substance use disorders. Our intensive residential alcohol & drug treatment programs in Colorado provide a flexible length of stay and services tailored to each person. 

These services are designed for patients who would benefit from an inpatient setting. It focuses on stabilization and preparing for ongoing treatment in a lower level of care, such as outpatient services


Arapahoe House offers 24 hour residential care to the following populations. Please click on the links to explore our life-changing treatment:



Most health insurance plans cover Arapahoe House services; other payment plans are available.


Click here for frequently asked questions about residential treatment


For referral or admission to any of our programs, please contact patient access: 303.657.3700 or [email protected].  Phone lines are open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Protection Status
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