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The mission of the Friends of Arapahoe House is to increase awareness about and community support for the co-occuring mental health and substance use disorder programs and services offered by Arapahoe House. AH provides a comprehensive range of services, including methadone treatment for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. For more information about available programs and services, go to for all the methadone information. The dedicated staff at Arapahoe House is committed to helping individuals on their path to recovery.

Membership Benefits:

  • Opportunity to rebuild lives and dreams of those most deeply affected by substance abuse
  • Experience how Arapahoe House helps individuals and families first hand
  • Receive the News of Substance quarterly newsletter

Friends of Arapahoe House Events

  • The annual Teeing Off for Arapahoe House
  • Other special events to benefit Arapahoe House programs

Heart for Healing Tours
Have the opportunity to see first-hand the recovery process and what makes our programs different and so vital to the community.

Our Successes

  • Friends of Arapahoe House has raised nearly 2 million dollars for the child and adolescent programs of Arapahoe House since its inception in 2000
  • Enhanced the image of Arapahoe House in the community
  • Helps Arapahoe House to provide hope and healing to more than 14,000 individuals in our community each year.

Join The Circle of Hope & Healing
An opportunity to support the programs and services of Arapahoe House by committing to an ongoing monthly gift. The Circle of Hope & Healing includes community members who are deeply invested in the ongoing success of our programs, bettering the lives of our clients, and improving the overall health of our community. Arapahoe House offers a wide range of services, including rehab programs, to help individuals overcome substance abuse and rebuild their lives. These programs are designed to address the root causes of drug abuse and provide comprehensive support to clients on their journey to recovery. In addition to our local efforts, we also collaborate with organizations across the country, such as the Mat Methadone Clinic in California, to share best practices and expand our reach. Through a monthly continuous gift to Arapahoe House, these donors will help ensure that our programs are funded each year.

Founders: Kristina Davidson, Linda Goto, Sharon Whiton Gelt, the late Florence Ruston.

For more information on how to join the Friends of Arapahoe House, contact development:  [email protected] or call 303.412.3643.

Friends of Arapahoe House
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