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Friends of Arapahoe House



The mission of the Friends of Arapahoe House is to increase awareness about and community support for the co-occuring mental health and substance use disorder programs and services offered by Arapahoe House.



Membership Benefits:

  • Opportunity to rebuild lives and dreams of those most deeply affected by substance abuse 
  • Experience how Arapahoe House helps individuals and families first hand
  • Receive the News of Substance quarterly newsletter


Friends of Arapahoe House Events

  • The annual Teeing Off for Arapahoe House
  • Other special events to benefit Arapahoe House programs 


Heart for Healing Tours
Have the opportunity to see first-hand the recovery process and what makes our programs different and so vital to the community.


Our Successes

  • Friends of Arapahoe House has raised nearly 2 million dollars for the child and adolescent programs of Arapahoe House since its inception in 2000
  • Enhanced the image of Arapahoe House in the community
  • Helps Arapahoe House to provide hope and healing to more than 14,000 individuals in our community each year.


Join The Circle of Hope & Healing
An opportunity to support the programs and services of Arapahoe House by committing to an ongoing monthly gift. The Circle of Hope & Healing includes community members who are deeply invested in the ongoing success of our programs, bettering the lives of our clients, and improving the overall health of our community. Through a monthly continuous gift to Arapahoe House, these donors will help ensure that our programs are funded each year. 


Founders: Kristina Davidson, Linda Goto, Sharon Whiton Gelt, the late Florence Ruston.


For more information on how to join the Friends of Arapahoe House, contact development:  [email protected] or call 303.412.3643.

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