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Paving the Way

It’s remarkable how a moment can change the course of your entire life. At age 27, I severely injured my back doing deadlifts improperly at the gym. My doctor referred me to a pain management clinic and I was prescribed oxycodone and Oxycontin. I was completely addicted within a month. Before I knew it, my prescription for the meds ran out and I was doctor shopping to fulfill my cravings. I never would have thought this for my life.


On the outside, everything seemed fine; I didn’t look the part, but inside I was completely broken. Over time, I lost everything from material possessions to my ambition and self-worth. I hurt everyone I loved. I wanted so much more from life but was absolutely trapped in my addiction. I didn’t know how to get out of the deep dark hole I had dug for myself. Prescription drugs dictated my direction for 10 years.


One day, another moment changed the course of my life; I became pregnant. In the past, doctors told me this wouldn’t be possible; it was a miracle. Terror filled my heart because I knew despite this amazing gift I had been given, I couldn’t stop using no matter how desperately I wanted to.


I came to Arapahoe House’s Aspen Center for Women when I was at the lowest point in my prescription drug addiction. I knew I needed to do whatever it took to bring a healthy baby into this world. Aspen Center made me feel safe and supported. The staff were so loving and kind; they understood what I was going through and helped me grow, progress and start my new life in recovery.


The 74 days I spent in rehab taught me life skills that I continue to use today. I learned so much about mindfulness, pausing and processing, and learning how to identify my emotions. I felt like I regained control over my mind.


Today, I’m celebrating four years of sobriety. I have purpose and direction. I’m a straight “A” college student and a single mom. Good things are happening for me and my family. Being a mom is something I didn’t think I was going to pull off. My son is the greatest joy and greatest love I’ve ever experienced. He keeps me motivated and driven. I don’t ever want to go backwards. Arapahoe House paved the way for me in my recovery and I’m thankful each and every day. Protection Status
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