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Celebrate Recovery Videos

Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription painkillers and heroin. There is now an unintentional drug overdose every 9 hours and 24 minutes in Colorado. At Arapahoe House, our opioid patient admissions have increased by 540% since 2008. This is a crisis.


With 11 locations and 20 quality services for adults, teens and families, Arapahoe House is the largest and leading provider of substance abuse treatment in Colorado. Our organization provides a full continuum of care throughout metro Denver, from walk-in detox centers and clinic-based treatment to residential programs. Founded in 1975, we deliver essential and often life-saving treatment to patients and their families based on national models of care.


Arapahoe House plays an active role in helping individuals achieve sobriety and live a life in recovery. Our nonprofit also has a deep-rooted connection with the larger community, including essential services utilized by police and hospitals.


Drug addiction and alcoholism are illnesses that impact the entire family. In our new celebrate recovery video, get inspired by stories from people with 122 days, 18 months, and 18 years of recovery.


Addiction is a treatable disease, not a failure of willpower, and treatment does work. Watch the metro Denver community come together for a powerful piece about the toll substance abuse takes on families and individuals.


Everyone knows someone who suffers from addiction. This Arapahoe House video follows the story of four individuals and their journey from rock bottom to recovery. Protection Status
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