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Arapahoe House Nonprofit Board of Directors

Arapahoe House Board of Directors:  

Susan Morrisey – Chair


Kathy Crapo – Vice Chair
Community Leader


Jason Standifird – Treasurer


Lori Ealey – Secretary
Kristen Blessman
Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce


Jim Howes
Western Group, Inc


Josie Huelskamp


Senator Cheri Jahn
State of Colorado


Cary LaCouture
Creekside Dental


Sarah Manning
Hays Companies 


Troy Porras
Pinamar Investments/Wyatts Towing


Gary Rolph 
Alfonso Silva
Silva-Markham Partners LLC


Hallie Woods
The Medical Center of Aurora



Arapahoe House Foundation Board of Directors: 

Bob Pipkin – President
Fuller Real Estate
Rodger Hara – Vice President 
Community Builders Realty Services
Kathy Crapo – Treasurer
Community Leader
Greg Gulley – Secretary
Community Leader
Jeffrey L. Hawks 
Apartment Realty Advisors Protection Status
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