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Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo For Drug Test

People nowadays are looking for the best hair follicle detox shampoo for a drug test. Before diving on to that more, let’s determine first what is a hair follicle drug test. This method detects different patterns of illicit drug use or prescription medication misuse over a certain period. This is usually three months for hair […]

Toxicity From the Use of Aspirin to Beat Urine Drug Screening

Does aspirin work to pass a drug test? Aspirin urine drug test is widely known. Aspirin is a kind of drug that is considered a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It contains a compound called salicylate that is also found in plants like in myrtle or willow tree. Aspirin is usually used for being relieved from […]

Success Stories

Transitioning Back into Life I’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome in my life.  My path through addiction has been long and challenging to say the least.  I hurt a lot of people, not just myself, but my family and my community.  I’ve been to jail and rehab all more than once. Arapahoe House […]

Executive Bios

David G. Murphy, MA CEO David Murphy received his master degree in rehabilitation consulting in 1968 from the University of Northern Colorado.  Prior to being named CEO of Arapahoe House, he was the director of operations for Arapahoe House and also served as the deputy director for the Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded to […]

Friends of Arapahoe House

JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE! BECOME A MEMBER OF FRIENDS OF ARAPAHOE HOUSE The mission of the Friends of Arapahoe House is to increase awareness about and community support for the programs and services offered by Arapahoe House. Membership Benefits: Opportunity to rebuild lives and dreams of those most deeply affected by substance abuse Experience how Arapahoe House helps individuals […]

Arapahoe House Board of Directors

Officers: Ronald Rose, President Jack Fitzgibbons, Vice President Laura Romero, Vice President Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons, Secretary Stan Sena, Treasurer Ellen Miller-Brown, Immediate Past President   Directors: Tom Clark Linda J. Daniel Lynn Miller Doyle Lucille “Lucky” Gallagher David Kohlwey Christine Powers Marcella C. Rapp    Ex Officio Board Members: Mary E. Baca Commissioner Larry W. […]

News of Substance

NEWS OF SUBSTANCE: a quarterly newsletter connecting the community to Arapahoe House. To receive our newsletter in the mail, please e-mail your address to [email protected], or call 303-412-3644. Fall 2009 Newsletter


Come join one of the largest nonprofit employers in Colorado. You could be one of the more than 300 staff dedicated to serving individuals and families with alcohol, drug, and other behavioral health problems.  Our current employment opportunities and benefits overview are listed below. Please submit either a cover letter/resume or application to apply.  You […] Protection Status
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