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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Colorado

Program Overview
Arapahoe House operates six outpatient clinics providing substance abuse and co-occurring mental health services to adults. 


Program Services
Services are adapted to meet the needs of the individual client and include individual, group, and family therapy, specialized programming and groups for offenders, monolingual Spanish speaking individuals, deaf and hard of hearing populations, pregnant women and women with co-occurring mental illness.


Admission Criteria
The criteria for admission to the Arapahoe House Adult Outpatient Programs are as follows:
• Age18 or older;
• Individual must have a substance abuse problem;
• Individual must be free of withdrawal symptoms or medical problems that require 24-hour medical monitoring or detoxification;
• Individual must be free of psychiatric symptoms that place them at high risk to harm themselves or others.


People Most Able to Benefit From This Program
• Individuals who are unable to maintain ongoing abstinence;
• Individuals who need to develop new skills or need more structure than is provided through traditional social support; and
• Individuals stepping down from more intensive treatment (e.g., residential/inpatient treatment).


Expected Length of Stay
Length of stay is determined by the needs of the client, varying from two to 40 sessions.


Services are available Monday through Saturday, days and evenings.


Aurora, Commerce City, Denver, Lakewood, Thornton and Wheat Ridge


For referral or admission to any of our programs, please contact the Information and Access Team 303.657.3700 or [email protected].  Phone lines are open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Protection Status
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