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Colorado Mental Health Services at Arapahoe House

Colorado Mental Health Services at Arapahoe House

Are you: Sad? Overwhelmed? Worrying too much? Struggling with grief or loss?


One in four Americans suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their lives. You are not alone.


Behavioral health support services are available at Arapahoe House. Our nonprofit is not only a leader in substance abuse treatment, but mental health services as well. Arapahoe House’s expert, master’s level counselors have a range of expertise from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder to healthy relationships, domestic violence, parenting, trauma, and grief.


Currently, Arapahoe House offers mental health services in a private, individual, outpatient setting.


Treatment with your Arapahoe House counselor will explore the triggers (people, places and things) that can cause your mood to change, developing healthy coping skills by utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. If your mood is affecting your daily life, relationships and responsibilities, it might be time to seek help. Arapahoe House offers full, private assessments with clinical specialists who will assess, evaluate and find the best level of care for you. We offer mental health services at 13 locations throughout metro Denver.


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