Arapahoe House

Colorado Drug & Alcohol Rehab | Metro Denver

Get Addiction Help (888) 804-0917
Denver Rehab Centers Phone Numbers:
To get help: 303.657.3700 (Phone lines are open Mon – Sat, 8am-7pm)
      (TTY: 303.412.3636)
      Administrative offices: 303.657.3700
      Inclement Weather Line: 303.412.3631
      Donation: 303.412.3643
      Media Contact: 303.412.3640
      Color line: 303.412.3634
      Billing: 617.244.3322 (eastern standard time)

Web Pages:
To give Arapahoe House feedback or to file a complaint, click here
       To get an address of one of our seven locations, click here


E-mail Addresses:
       To get help: [email protected]
       D/deaf and hard of hearing: [email protected]
       Donation: [email protected]
       Media contact: [email protected]
       Business development: [email protected] 
       Internships – [email protected]
       Volunteering – large group only: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Admin Offices
      Arapahoe House Administrative Offices
      8801 Lipan Street
      Thornton, CO 80260

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