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Alcohol and Drug Detox Colorado

Alcohol and Drug Detox Colorado1.  How much does detox cost?  Do I have to pay if the police brought me in?
There is a daily charge for detox services.  You are responsible for paying this fee whether you came in on your own, were brought in by the police, or sent to detox from the hospital.  Arapahoe House accepts health insurance and Medicaid.  There are early pay discounts available and it may be possible to arrange for other fee reductions or payment plans by contacting our finance department. Contact information for a possible reduction in fees will be provided at discharge.



2.  How long do I have to stay in detox?  How long do withdrawals last?
While you are in detox, staff will monitor your blood pressure, pulse, breath alcohol level (BAL), and any withdrawal symptoms you may have.  When your BAL is .000, you do not show any signs of withdrawal, and your blood pressure and pulse are within normal limits you may be eligible for discharge.  Each person experiences withdrawal differently.  The duration of your symptoms depends on a number of things, including how much, and how long you have been using and your overall physical health.


3.  Can you keep me in detox against my will?
Once you have been accepted for treatment, the staff and Arapahoe House have a responsibility to ensure your safety and follow the rules of licensing for detoxification units, which require that you be safely monitored until sober. Staff will give you professional advice about when to stay and when it is safe for you to leave. Arapahoe House wants all clients to leave as soon as it is safe to do so. If you choose to leave before meeting safe discharge criteria, and staff judge that you may be in danger by leaving, they may call the police to bring you back or take you to another place for your own safety.  There is an emergency commitment process that may be initiated if a person is believed to be a danger to themselves or others. This process is often used to bring people to detox who are at high risk.


4.  What happens after detox?  What if I want treatment?
Once you meet the criteria to be safely discharged, staff will talk with you about treatment options available to you through Arapahoe House and other treatment providers, and will work to get you connected with ongoing care. Staff will schedule an appointment for continuing treatment so that you have a plan before you leave.


5.  What happens in detox?
Detox is a place for you to get sober, and if necessary safely withdraw, in a monitored environment.  You will be given a bed to sleep in if you choose.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks, are provided for you each day.  You will also be given the opportunity to shower each day if you choose.  Staff will monitor withdrawal every couple of hours to ensure that you are physically safe.  You will have an opportunity to talk with staff individually about your substance use and treatment options available after detox.


6.  Can I get medications to detox if I need it?
Arapahoe House detox is what is known as a “social detox”.  We provide monitoring and a variety of supports to assist with sobering-up and management of withdrawal. We do not prescribe medications to help people through their detox process on site, but can monitor medications that you bring with you that have been prescribed by a doctor.  If staff judge that you need medical attention, they will arrange for you to be transported to a local hospital for evaluation and care.  Usually, the hospital refers you back to detox after evaluation, which may include sending you with supporting medications.  You can take any medications that have been prescribed to you once they have been approved for use during withdrawal.


7.  Do you treat adolescents in Detox? 
Arapahoe House detox is for adults only.  Adolescents will be referred to a local hospital if they are in need of detox. Protection Status
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