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Signs and Effects of Meth

Signs of Methamphetamine Intoxication:
• Physical Changes – increased temperature, sweating, rapid breathing, dilated pupils, increased heartbeat, raised blood pressure, chills, nausea/vomiting, tremors
• Mood and Behavior Changes – increased energy, euphoria, heightened awareness/attention, insomnia, increased sexual behavior, confusion, psychosis, paranoia.
• Medical Risks – dehydration, shock, convulsions, coma, organ failure, heart attack, stroke, spontaneous abortion or induced labor, birth defects, HIV, Hepatitis B & C and sexually transmitted diseases (due to exposure to increased sexual activity and sharing needles).


Methamphetamine Dependence is characterized by:
• Physical Signs – scars or track marks from injections, significant weight loss, severe skin problems (sores and lacerations).
• Behavioral Signs – mood swings including rage/violent behavior, confusion, impaired memory and concentration, extreme paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks.
• Withdrawal – anxiety, “crashing” or “coming down” after use (exhaustion, unpleasant/sad mood, discomfort), fatigue, depression, suicidal thoughts/behavior.


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