Nonprofit Board of Directors – Arapahoe House

Nonprofit Board of Directors – Arapahoe House

Arapahoe House Board of Directors  

Mike Butler – President

Brandon Mencini – Vice President

Tom Clark – Vice President

Laura Romero – Vice President

Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons – Secretary

David Stevens – Treasurer

Linda J. Daniel    

Lynn Miller Doyle* 

Jack Fitzgibbons *  

Michael R. Horton  

Greg Lopez       

Ellen Miller-Brown  

Christine C. Powers      

Marcella C. Rapp*                       

Thomas N. Rieger                                      

Ronald Rose *                                            

Rep. Nancy Todd                                       

Brent Westrop                                           


Ex-Officio Board Members: 

Mary E. Baca                

Commissioner Alice Nichol


Arapahoe House Foundation Board: 

Helen Hanks – President

Mike Butler – Vice President

Kathy Crapo –  Vice President

Robert E. Pipkin – Vice President

Laurie Brown –  Secretary

Greg Gulley – Treasurer

Susan Arigoni

Paulee Brody 

Rodger Hara

Jeffery L. Hawks

Lou Jahde

Charles S. McNeil

Patti Robinson


Ex-Officio Board Members:

Kristina Davidson         

Linda Goto            

Sharon Whiton Gelt

Lucille “Lucky” Gallagher*
David J. Kohlwey*
Henry “Hank” Robinson*

* on both boards

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